Does PayPal has a Mobile App?

If you are not someone who is using PayPal, what are you waiting for? PayPal is quickly becoming the universal banking system of the internet. Although it had a small origin, dealing with EBay purchases, it has expanded to become a currency that is used around the world and on almost any merchant site. If a merchant is not taking advantage of the service, they could risk the potential sales to consumers.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a service that allows you to input your information to open up an account. From that stored information, you can make purchase without having to input your credit card information, or any of your personal information. By limiting the amount of various sites that you input your personal information, and your financial information, you minimize the risk that it will fall into the wrong hands. Having the additional security of knowing that you are giving your information through a secure site has many advantages.

PayPal also have a transaction guarantee that they will help to resolve issues should you have any problems with your transactions.

What do you need to have an account?

Anyone can have an account, and for free. To sign up you just need to have an email address, a verifiable address, and either a bank account, or a credit card. Although there are minimal fees for some transactions, having an account is free.

What is the PayPal mobile app and how is it different from the website?

Because of the popularity of PayPal, there is now a mobile app. The app allows you to see a condensed, smart device friendly, version of the PayPal website. Giving you the basics of being able to view your account, transfer funds, and send money, it is a convenient way to transfer money both in and out of your PayPal account.

How do I get the new mobile PayPal app?

Depending on the device you are using for your PayPal mobile app, you are able to download it to any mobile device. Once the app is downloaded, you need to just enter your email address, and the password you registered with. You will automatically be able to access your account from anywhere you travel. All form the convenience of your mobile device; it is like having a mobile PayPal bank at your disposal. Although there are limitations as to what functions you can perform, it is a condensed version that allows you to do the basics when away from home.

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