How Can I Use PayPal via Vodafone Wallet?

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Are wireless payments the new reliable in terms of shopping? Customers seem to be in favour of contactless purchases. Mobile users are experiencing the convenience of paying for items using their smartphones. Android Pay, Vodafone Wallet, and Samsung Pay are just some of the popular brand offering this method. Wireless payments have been a hit among customers in UK.

Online transaction giant PayPal has recently teamed up with Vodafone to improve wireless transactions. The big idea here is that if you have a PayPal account then you can easily connect it with your Vodafone account to make purchases. Let’s say you ran short of funds on your Vodafone Wallet, PayPal has got you covered to pay for products or services as well.

How Can I Pay for Items Using PayPal?

Users need to be aware that similar app limitations still apply. You’ll need a phone with an NFC adapter and an accompanying terminal to use this feature. The PayPal integration works smoothly on Vodafone’s NFC-enabled SIM cards. Vodafone users can make payments up to up to £30. The good news? You can still pay even if you drained your battery supply already. For security purposes, you will need a Vodafone Wallet Pin to make more expensive purchases.

So how do you get started? Open your Vodafone’s contactless payment solution then navigate to the “Add Card” menu. Scroll down to choose “link to PayPal funds to your app”. Tap this option then input your PayPal user details such as email address and password. Your PayPal account is now connected with your Vodafone account.

Be sure to update your Vodafone Wallet app to 4.4.20. This will enable the necessary permissions for you to access the PayPal option in the menu. Take note that this is only available to Vodafone UK customers but they can use contactless payments on international NFC terminals.

How Does PayPal Enhance Vodafone Wallet?

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The PayPal integration spells convenience for users especially for those who are always on the go. For instance, Vodafone customers can easily pay for a service such as a train or bus ride. The fees will bar charged to their PayPal accounts. Another great thing is that you can use your PayPal balance to pay for an item or service around the world.

“Our customers told us that being able to use PayPal when making mobile payments was important to them so we’re delighted to now offer this on Vodafone Pay,” said Kate Wright, Vodafone UK’s head of consumer services.

What do you think of PayPal collaborating with telecom companies like Vodafone? Will it really make it convenient for smartphone users?

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