How To Make A Deposit With Coinify At Online Casinos To Play Pokies Games?


Coinify is an established global virtual currency platform. Coinify was founded in 2014. The company is based in Denmark. Coinify company currently supports more than 20 payment systems, which are used by more than hundreds of thousands of online companies Trading platform: Coinify also lets users buy and sell bitcoin using Visa, MasterCard, or a bank account. You can purchase bitcoin using credit cards and your bank account, or you can sell bitcoin and get money deposited into your bank account. Coinify charges lower fees than traditional payment methods and banks while offering a similar level of convenience.

Payment service providers and merchants can accept bitcoin payments risk-free with Coinify without the worry about chargebacks or fraud when accepting bitcoin payments. Coinify also allows payments in 15 different cryptocurrencies through their payments platform.

Coinify has partnered with various wallets, such as and more recently Abra. As a result of these partnerships, wallets will be powered by the Coinify trade engine and users will be able to almost instantly replenish their wallets through the Coinify service, sending payments in fiat currency.

Fortunately Coinify is accepted in Australia and you can use it to fund your online casino account to play casino and pokies games.

How to make a deposit with Coinify at online casinos to play pokies games?

How to make a deposit with coinify at slotland casino
Coinify Deposits at Slotland Casino

To make a deposit with Coinify at online casinos to play casino and pokies games you need to understand that at Coinify you need to buy Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency using your bank account or credit or debit cards.

In order to start using Cryptocurrency as a payment method, you will first need to have a Cryptocurrency wallet. You can consider a Crypto wallet as the Crypto equivalent of a bank account.

With a Crypto wallet, you can receive Cryptocurrencies, store Cryptocurrencies, pay for an invoice like pay to online casinos to play real money games with Cryptocurrencies, and send Cryptocurrencies to others.

When creating your wallet, you can choose from a few different wallet types, Mobile wallets, Desktop wallets, Hardware wallets etc. Just make sure your chosen wallet is appropriate for making payments.

Next get some Cryptocurrencies. Once you have your wallet all set up, you will need to have some Cryptocurrency in it. Coins can be bought from exchanges or services like coinify. As said above Coinify offers the option to buy Cryptocurrency via credit card or bank transfer through their “Trade Platform”. When purchasing from their Trade Platform, you simply need to provide them with the Cryptocurrency address generated by your wallet and the coins will be delivered to you. 

Finally time to fund your casino account or as you may say pay with Cryptocurrency. Now, that you have some coins in your wallet, you are ready to spend them! Go to an online casino like Slotland casino or Rich Casino that accepts Cryptocurrency payments of Bitcoins or Litecoins.

Enter the amount you wish to pay.

Next choose “Pay with cryptocurrency” when checking out.

You will be provided with information about your payment, the equivalent price in Cryptocurrency, and two payment options: Simply scan a QR code or copy & paste the payment details into your wallet.

If you have a wallet installed on your phone, you can simply use it to scan the QR code and send the Cryptocurrencies. 

If you are using a desktop wallet, copy the payment details and paste it into your wallet. The payment details refer to the recipient wallet address and crypto amount requested.

  • Copy the Cryptocurrency wallet address shown in the payment window
  • Paste this address in the “send to” field in your wallet
  • Copy the Cryptocurrency amount from the payment window
  • Paste into the amount field in your wallet.
  • Send the payment

Note that once your payment has been transmitted to the Cryptocurrency network, the payment window will update to “Paid” and you will be redirected to the online casino site or merchants website.

Remember always to send the exact crypto amount as shown on the payment window – your wallet may use different exchange rates than Coinify and can translate into a different fiat currency amount.

Never make a payment from an exchange/trading account processed as a withdrawal—doing this will most likely result in the payment expiring.

Important Points to Note

  1. This payment mode is instant and Instant the online casinos accept minimum $75. You can use this secure online platform to make cryptocurrency deposits with your debit card. Simply follow on-screen instructions after selecting this method to deposit.
  2. The Cryptocurrency payment is valid for only 15 minutes. This is due to the exchange rate between Crypto and whichever fiat currency the product is valued in. If the Crypto transaction is not confirmed within this time frame, the payment will still go through but will appear on the merchant’s dashboard as a late payment. It is up to the merchant to accept such a payment or—if not—to issue a refund for the order.
  3. In other words, payments not paid within 15 minutes will expire. This means such payments will not update to “paid” in the shop system, and it will show as expired on your Merchant Dashboard. If the payment has been completed after 15 minutes, the expired payment will be attached to it as a sub-payment.
  4. As a customer, you will always be able to see the payment status and whether it has been successfully processed or not.
  5. It is also very important to note that once you make a payment, Coinify credits the Merchant/Store instantly and they are the only one who can issue a refund. If you happen to have any questions related to the product, delivery, etc. after making a payment, you should contact the Merchant/Store you are buying from.
  6. Coinify Support can assist you only if there is an issue with the processing of the transaction. For instance, if the payment has not been processed after you have sent the Cryptocurrency or if it is stuck in the processing state. 

Advantages of using Coinify

Coinify payments are instant. Once your wallet is set up, you can send funds directly to your casino account and back again. There is no middle man slowing things down.

Casino  can also process withdrawals faster. When you withdraw in any cryptocurrency, casino process your payment the very next working day. This means you get your wins quicker!

It is secure & anonymous. This means when you deposit or withdraw, only a crypto address is shared. This is an alphanumerical number unique to you. This means your data is never compromised, and it makes transactions anonymous.

Setting up cryptocurrency payments can take a little effort the first time, but once done, it is as easy as using PayPal (or any other e-wallet). You then pay in just a few clicks.

You can then take advantage of bigger bonuses and fast payouts. You also have many different options for spending your crypto online.

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