How to Use PayPal for Xero Invoice Services

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Cloud-based accounting software Xero has announced its further improvement of its PayPal integration.

For starters, Xero is used by small and medium enterprises to implement seamless accounting processes. The company has been gaining momentum recently, as it launched credit card payment option for customers through Stripe and in order to access a wide array of payment options for invoices.

Xero is adding a couple of payment options to improve its PayPal integration. One of the improvements will be the addition of PayPal Express Checkout which business owners can use via Xero’s accounting service. Payments will be fast as you pay a Xero invoice using PayPal.

Xero’s PayPal Integration is a Win-Win Collaboration

Most Xero users are using PayPal. An estimated $88.6 million worth of transactions have been made by business owners in 2016 by Xero clients. With its PayPal integration, Xero is enhancing its functionality to provide easier invoice processing. The good news for Xero is that its users who are paying through PayPal have increased 40% annually.

“This partnership with Xero has allowed us to continue our mission of delivering secure and easier ways for businesses to get paid online. Sometimes it feels like you have to go above and beyond to get your invoices paid, but with PayPal Express Checkout, we are offering Xero customers a faster and simpler way to get paid, and reduce time spent on the payment process to just a couple of clicks.” says, Steve Fusco, VP and GM of North American Distribution at PayPal.

PayPal Augments Xero Services

Small and medium business owners will benefit from Xero’s PayPal enhancements. Most basic services will only take a few clicks to complete a transaction. An online invoice is automatically reflects the payment once a clients pays. This helps in determining the status of transactions and invoices. The receipt of the payment will appear in the “Receive Money” transaction and the history and notes of the invoice.

Xero automatically manages Stripe and PayPal fees as well. Users can view the transactions under “Spend Money” so you can view the relevant payment ID from Stripe or PayPal. It also automatically matches PayPal fees and payments for faster reconciliation.

The good news? These Xero upgrade options are for free. You simply need to update your settings in payment services. As a business owner, it enables you to focus more on CRM while making significant sales and seamless transactions.

Click here to learn how to connect your PayPal account to your Xero account.

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