Paypal Express Vs. Standard Website Payments

Did you know that there are over 128 million active accounts in the world? Well, now you know. PayPal has made shopping and selling of products online, a straightforward and easy affair for most people. Making online purchases, sending and receiving money from anywhere in the world and the safety and comfort of your home has never been this easy before; with just a tap of your computer mouse.

To serve their swelling number of customers, PayPal has two main payment methods; the PayPal express checkout method and the standard website payments. The two forms of payment are used to ensure people make payment online using PayPal whether they have an account with PayPal or not. Lack of an account is not an excuse to fail making an important online financial transaction.

Only one method of payment can be used to pay for transactions using PayPal when making financial transactions online. When you sign into an online store, select a product and decide to pay for it, the browser sends you to a payment page with both options on it. Choosing the express check out button will disable the standard payment option and vice versa.

The Standard Website Payment

For people with an account, both options can be used. However, individuals without a PayPal account can only use the standard website payment method. This method also gives people without an account the opportunity to register for one. If they don’t want to, they can still complete the payment using their bank credit card information. If they do accept, they pay through the new account and PayPal gains an account holder. Creating an account with PayPal is a breeze and only takes a few seconds.

If you select the standard payment method, you will be directed to a page allowing you to use your credit card without having to sign into PayPal. If you have sufficient fund in your account, the transaction will be successfully completed, if not the request will be rejected.

The Express Checkout

The express payment is only available for registered PayPal customers. To use this method, clock on the express check out button, and you will be directed to the PayPal log in page. Once you input your username and password, you will be directed to your PayPal page. From here, you can make a payment to the merchant in question and purchase the product by entering the amount and their email address.

Both methods of payment through PayPal are useful; however, getting a PayPal account is advisable as paying through the PayPal express checkout method protects your account details from online scams as opposed to the standard website payment. The standard website payment is best suited for one-off transaction. For repeat transactions, it is advisable that you create a PayPal account to get access to express checkout facility.

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