Reasons Why Paypal Accounts Are Limited

Many online merchants rely on PayPal when it comes to online financial transactions. Limited access to a PayPal account means that the account cannot be used to process funds. It requires one to resolve the issue in question with PayPal to be able to resume normal use of the account. Restrictions put in place by PayPal are deliberate to guard the system from abuse by users.

Some of the reasons for the freezing of a PayPal account may include factors like if you are suspected to be using your account to process illegal financial transactions. If you send payments or receive payments from an individual suspected of being engaged in illegal activities, then your account will be frozen until you are cleared of any suspicion.

Online Phishing Scams

The internet is full of frauds, and sometimes, an online scam can trigger the freezing of a PayPal account. Phishing scams are common and mostly used in online identity thefts. Fraudsters mostly access your information through fake emails with a carefully inserted link or even image. The moment you click on the target email link and input your information into a fake log in PayPal page, your money may be withdrawn by the fraudster.

PayPal strives to protect all customers from fraud. If your PayPal account is breached, for security reasons, the account will be frozen. You will then have limited access until the whole issue has been sorted.

PayPal has certain policies in place that must be adhered to at all times. In case you go against these policies in any way, you will get your account frozen. This includes you being involved in illegal transactions as a merchant or being or any unauthorized transactions. If you use a computer in a country unsupported by PayPal, the IP address will easily show this, and your PayPal address will be limited even when you get back to your home country until you resolve the issue with PayPal.

Bulk online transactions

If an unusually huge amount of money is being processed through your PayPal account, you will be limited so that PayPal can verify the source of the numerous transactions, and ensure it is legal. In the same vein, if your credit or debit card is unverifiable, then you will be limited until you either use a verifiable credit card or prove that the one you are using is valid.

If you find that your PayPal account is limited, do not panic; just contact PayPal and they will have the situation resolved as soon as possible. All these measures have been put in places purposely to safeguard the customers from online fraud that are rampant. Limitations are only but temporary as you can have full access once you abide by the set rules.

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