What are the best ten credit card payment processing companies including PayPal in 2018

The best ten credit card payment processing companies including PayPal in 2018

PayPal is one common and popular name when it comes to getting paid for your goods and services. PayPal is considered the best because it is the oldest payment portal now developed trust in the  customers because of its brand name. But it isn’t PayPal only in the payment providers list but there are many others also who give you the same service with easy methods. The reasons to find such alternative modes arise if not all of your clients in business won’t be able to use PayPal. Because they might not be in an area that PayPal accepts payments from, or their accounting systems don’t support PayPal or they might be facing bad experience with the platform and want an easier way to pay.

The other reasons to use PayPal alternatives might be their Account Limitation policies and the fee structure. PayPal seems good at small transactions while other alternative methods charge lower fees and allow larger transactions.

Here find the best ten credit card payment processing companies including PayPal in 2018. These companies help you if your business works most of the time using credit and debit card payments from your customers

1. PayPal

PayPal Australia

Starting with PayPal as it is still considered the most integrated payment processor world wide. So for those who do not have any issue using PayPal this is the best for business deals. Considered as the fast credit card processor this payment service provider is good for small business and is absolutely free to sign up. The standard package for PayPal includes fraud protection, one-click purchasing and an optimised experienced for mobile users too. The focus is on fast, simple payments from anybody, regardless of whether they have a PayPal account or not.

There is a free option to use PayPal as well as  AU$38 a month to upgrade to PayPal Payments Pro. That allows you to customize your checkout and ensure that your customers stay on your website when they pay.

2. Square


Square is also good for small businesses. Rather than a one size fits all approach to card processing, from the outset Square looks to mould its solution to suit your business. With simple to use interface be it on your PC or with Square’s mobile app you will understand the working easy of this payment process. The commissions for each payment are a flat rate for all transactions instead of on a sliding scale. If you have a shopfront or office where you accept payments, you can also order its Square Reader hardware so that you can quickly take card payments in person, rather than spending time around with the online portal every time. To get Square, you do not have to pay unless your transactions are going to amount to more than $250,000, and for that you’ll have to speak to Square to find out its rates.

3. Worldpay


WorldPay is an international online payment gateway that accepts 100 plus currencies worldwide. It accepts payments from PayPal members, as well as the usual standalone card payments from non-PayPal users. Also includes reporting tools to keep track of your invoices and transactions and the company makes a lot of its advanced fraud protection. Worldpay suits larger and growing businesses with greater needs. To know the rates and other terms click here.

4. Intuit QuickBooks Payments


Intuit QuickBooks Payments is popular  name in accounting that offers fast invoice payment processing to both small and big business. The Payments strand of Intuit’s service is focussed on the fast payment of invoices that you issue to customers, allowing you to add a ‘Pay now’ button to make it quick and easy for the payer.  Intuit also makes a lot of the automatic invoicing and bookkeeping features you get access to with no monthly fees to pay. You can check out the Intuit QuickBooks Payments commission structure here.

5. Stripe


Stripe is good for online retailers which is easy and simple payment process with reasonable fees. It states that you can start accepting payments within 10 minutes of signing up. With this straightforward card processing service you can make integration on your website as easy as possible, with lots of help and guidelines to developers. It’s another free service to subscribe to Stripe, with commission payable on each transaction.

6. Braintree


Braintree has just entered the Australian market and is expected to make it easy for businesses that sell to the US and Europe. The company is set to challenge PayPal’s dominance in the country by offering conveniences like credit card portability. The online payment gateway and merchant account solution charges a $35 monthly fees and transaction fees start at 2.28% + $0.30 per transaction. Check more on Braintree’s pricing here.

7. Pin


Pin is in Beta mode right now (at the time of writing) and expected to launch soon. Just like Stripe, Pin was designed for Developers. It does not require a gateway or a merchant account. Pin boasts of simple signup and transparent pricing. It includes a monthly service fee + paying for successful transactions. If you want to participate in the Beta, you can send a request here.

8. eWay


eWay is another great option of accepting credit cards in Australia. The payment gateway has partnered with over 23 local banks to enable direct deposits for merchants. eWay takes out the hassle of getting paid online and has integrated over 180 Australian shopping cart apps and has a community of over 500 developers that can help you with setting up the payment gateways.

Some of the features of the payment gateways include no redirecting customers away from your website, Social commerce communication tools, support for mobile payments and reporting tools to help you track transactions. There are different pricing based on plans

9. Fat Zebra


FatZebra has partnered with Australian banks with regards to merchant accounts and online businesses. FatZebra makes it easy for anyone to start selling online and has partnered with major banks in the country including NAB, Bank SA, St. George, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and others.

10. PayMate


PayMate is a great PayPal alternative in Australia and supports online and mobile credit card payments. The company helps businesses understand the set up requirements and local regulations on accepting credit cards online and will send the money to your bank. EBay Australia has integrated the gateway on its website and recommends it to online shoppers. With PayMate, you can receive payment from customers from 60 countries. PayMate operates in nearly the same way as PayPal. Both buyers and sellers can use the gateways for online transactions.

Other payment gateways in Australia you can consider includes MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS)Payflow Pro, Payment Express, SecurePay AustraliaPaychoicee-PathMerchant WarriorSecurePayeMatters, and SCNet.

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