What are the five easy steps to send money with PayPal Xoom?

PayPal Xoom- How to send money

PayPal Xoom is a subsidiary of PayPal with which you can send money in quick and easy way online across 65 different countries. The five easy steps to send money with PayPal Xoom is quite convenient to follow.

First you need to create your account or Sign up with PayPal

Xoom Australia

Now select transfer options where you enter the name of recipient, enter the recipient country, also text the amount you need to send.

Xoom Australia- How to send money

Now enter the recipient information and details, like the bank name, account number, country and phone number.


Next enter your payment information where Xoom can draw payment from your checking account (with lowest cost service) or you can pay with your debit/credit card. Pricing will vary by country and service.

Xoom - How to send money

Finally confirm your transfer and check it again before sending the money to your business partners or any individuals.

Xoom Australia

With these five simple steps you can send the money with Xoom. You can now send up to $10,000 USD per transfer with best exchange rates when you send $1,000 USD or more! Plus, pay no fees when sending $1,000 USD or more and paying with your bank account. Deposit to any Australian dollar (AUD) bank account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most money transfers will be available within one to two business days.


In case of any query you can call at Xoom customer support any time toll-free at (877) 815-1531 and speak to a live expert in just seconds24/7.

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