What are the PayPal fees in Australia?

If you are not using PayPal, you must be buried in some cave. PayPal started out as a small monetary transaction system and is quickly turning into the universal transaction service of the internet. It is a way of paying a merchant and having the additional security of knowing that not only is your information safe, but your transaction is guaranteed as well.

PayPal allows account holders to enter their information and use it for transaction on any merchant site that will allow it. Seeing the convenience of use, many merchants are offering the option to pay, redirecting the transaction from their check out, to PayPal’s secure site, then back to their website. It gives the consumer the convenience of not having to find their wallet and input their credit card information every time they want to make a transaction.

What is the advantage of using PayPal?

By inputting your credit card to one secure site, you are able to minimize the amount of places you are inputting your personal financial information. The more sites you enter your information into, the more you are increasing the risk that the information will fall into the wrong hands. PayPal gives you the additional security of knowing your transactions are safe.

What do you need to have an account?

The only thing you need for an account is a valid email address, a verified mailing address, and a credit card, or bank account on file that has been verified. There is no fee for signing up. Obtaining an account is completely free.

What are the fees for using PayPal in Australia?

There are some transactions that carry fees. If you use PayPal to make payments, or to receive them, there is a fee attached for use. There are different transaction fees for commercial versus personal transactions. If you buying, or selling goods or services, there is a fee involved. There is also a distinction between domestic and border transactions. A domestic transaction is where sender and receiver are Australian residents, a border transaction is classified when either one of the parties are registered outside of Australia. The fees are as follows:

For domestic personal transactions:

When payment is entire funded by PayPal balance of bank account, it is free
When payment is made by debit or credit card there is a 2.4% + Fixed fee that is dependent on the country payment is made from.

For cross-border personal transactions:

The fees are all dependent upon the country of origins. For a list of the fees, see the website for details.

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