What is a PayPal partner?

Paypal Partner

A PayPal partner is any business or organisation that can integrate PayPal into their eCommerce solution and make that functionality available to their merchants or clients. The PayPal Partner Program is a free membership program available to eligible business solution providers that enable PayPal as a payment method for their merchants. It’s designed to strengthen paypal relationship with customers by opening their business up to more merchants that trust PayPal and providing marketing benefits to you.

When you become a PayPal partner, you can offer PayPal payment solutions to your merchants. That helps accelerate your business growth by increasing your appeal to the millions of merchants that already know and trust the PayPal brand. Your merchants can, in turn, increase their own success by tapping in to more than 180 million customers around the world who actively use and trust PayPal to process their payments.

You can also help acquiring new clients through promotional opportunities, and helping you scale your growth with marketing tools and resources. Also get integration and ongoing support from a dedicated service team.

  • Get your online shop up and running, or find a cart to improve customer engagement.
  • Consolidate your business finances, issue invoices and manage all your transactions in one place.
  • Streamline your shipping and order fulfilment, manage your inventory, and grow your business

Types of organisations that are PayPal partners

Paypal Partner

PayPal partners are B2B businesses that offer PayPal solutions to their merchants. It works with shopping carts, marketplaces, billing platforms, POS partners, accounting software providers, web and mobile developers, system integrators and many more.

You need to contact a partner specialist to discuss your eligibility. Once you’ve registered and been approved to join the Partner Program, you’ll have access to helpful integration documentation and developer forums. You may also receive support from an integration manager who can help you complete certification. See where the Partner Program is offered

How would the PayPal Partner Program benefit your company?

As said above joining the PayPal Partner Program allows Partners to offer PayPal Products to their merchants. Doing this can accelerate your business growth in three ways:

  • First, being a Partner can increase the appeal of your platform to the millions of merchants who already know and trust the PayPal brand. Your clients, in turn, can increase their own success by tapping into over 179 million active customers who actively use and trust PayPal to make purchases.
  • Second, the PayPal Partner Program may help you acquire new clients by providing promotional opportunities, and help scale growth with valuable marketing tools and resources.
  • Lastly, as a PayPal partner, you will receive integration and ongoing support from a dedicated service team.

Upon approval each Partner must sign a Partnership agreement in order to officially join the Partner Program. If you have more queries about the Partner Program and how it could benefit your business, get in touch with a partner specialist.

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