What is PayPal’s Shop off the Beaten Path

Shop off the beaten path

PayPal’s Shop off the Beaten Path is a marketing campaign that was announced last year by PayPal Australia. This campaign was jointly developed by Isobar, Edelman and Vizeum, and encourages Australians to ‘shop off the beaten path’ and discover gifts they didn’t know existed from more than 100 Australian small businesses for every occasion be it Christmas, New Year, Valentine, Arbor Day or any other festival or function.

The campaign was inspired by the insight that specially on Christmas shopping had its high expectations, large crowds and time demands, that can lead to considerable angst.  In response to this angst many Australians resort to buying the same, predictable presents each year because they run out of time, inspiration or energy.
Shop off the beaten path category

PayPal’s Shop Off The Beaten Path addresses this by offering an online portal that helps Australian shoppers connect with Australian merchants offering a range of unique, bespoke and memorable gifts.  The portal is a ‘search engine for the perfect gift’ using categories such as ‘bespoke’, ‘beautiful’, ‘geeky’, ‘quirky’, ‘adventurous’ and ‘trending’ to connect gift givers with a wide range of local merchants.

With this handy online portal now Aussies can never be short  of time at any occasion and will have give unique and special gifts for their friends and families. All you need is to search for the prefect gift and found your choice that you want to have or share or give.

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Shop Off The Beaten Path portal offers an easy way to find those amazing gifts while at the same time supporting local businesses so every shopper can find something special for the people they love.

Using smart technology, coupled with creative media placements, the socially-led and solely-digital campaign is underpinned by a data-driven media strategy. PayPal-owned customer data combined with the company’s advanced understanding of mobile purchasing habits have been used to ensure Shop Off The Beaten Path resonates with Australian shoppers and is tailored to consumer habits.

Examples of some of the gifts you can find on Shop Off The Beaten Path on any season include:

  • The Daily Edited: Personalized leather accessories for the fashionable sort looking for bespoke presents
  • Odd Pears: Quirky socks arranged in mismatching pairs of 3
  • DadShop: a collection of gifts handpicked with a genius male spin.



You can shop according to the choice of your category. So whats coming up next on your shopping list?

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