What Kind Of Protection Does Paypal Offer Its Customers?

The use of PayPal to make and receive payments online has become extremely popular, mainly because it keeps customer account details safe from online scam artists. There are always unscrupulous people online, using intricate schemes to get private details such as bank account information or passwords from online shoppers. However, online fraudsters are likely to run in lots of challenges for blind attempts on PayPal accounts.

PayPal Anti-fraud Technology

Increasing cases of online fraud has prompted PayPal to adopt the use of anti-fraud technology to safeguard personal information online and keep fraudsters at bay. Your account information is never given to merchants during a PayPal financial transaction. PayPal offers a secure interface for the transaction and deducts a small charge for the service.

For eBay customers, PayPal is a good choice because they get certain assurances concerning purchases they make on eBay. For example, in the case of an eBay transaction where you do not receive a product you have paid for or you get a product you did not pay for, you get total refunds for the transaction including any shipping fees. This works well because PayPal is a subsidiary of eBay and is cannot therefore be applied on all other online transactions.

When you complete financial transactions using other online merchants apart from eBay through PayPal, it is easy to resolve disputes. A good example of this is disputes with a merchant regarding a faulty product delivery.

Conditions Governing Paypal Payment Disputes

To be protected by PayPal regarding a payment, you must have made the payment for the product at one go. In addition, you are expected to lodge a dispute with them within 45 days of making the payment. When it comes to a dispute regarding transactions made on eBay, you have to use PayPal to make the purchase and use the tab marked – “Pay Now” to send the payment to the merchant.

A good way to decide whether a product purchase is protected by the PayPal buyer protection is to check on the it’s listing information. This information can be located on the top section of the listing. If you do not see this information, then your product purchase will not be covered with this protection, and you cannot turn to PayPal for help in case of a problem. Generally, PayPal offers the best chance for a secure financial transaction online.

There are many other ways that PayPal customers are protected. The mandatory account verification principle that applies on all accounts after reaching a certain limits compels users to disclose some verifiable information. This bars them from engaging in any unscrupulous practices online. If they do, they can easily be traced based on the information provided.

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