Why Does PayPal Not Accept Certain Credit Cards?

Many online merchants have at one time or the other had to deal with a client not being able to use a credit card to make purchases on their website, as they are sometimes rejected by PayPal.

PayPal is a popular means of making and receiving payments online, and when a credit card is rejected, it can be quite a headache for the buyer and a loss for the seller. However, it is never a coincidence that some cards are rejected.

PayPal has put in place clear measures to protect customers from rampant fraud. There are far too many masqueraders online to be trusted. The following are some of the reasons some credit card payments are not accepted.

  1. Unverified buyer: One reason is that the credit card has not been verified by the buyer. In such cases, PayPal will not allow payments to be taken from it. Unverified cards can belong to anybody, including scam artists ready to harvest where they never sowed. Only duly verified cards are accepted.
  2. Lack of Funds: Alternatively, if a credit card has insufficient funds for the transaction in question then it will be rejected by PayPal. This may be because the account has no money, or the account has a card limit that cannot be exceeded, and the user has already reached the limit. It is therefore important to ensure that your cards have sufficient funds before any attempt to make an online payment.
  3. Invalid Credit Card: It is also possible that the credit card is associated with a PayPal account that has since been closed, then therefore will be rejected. If your card expires, you should renew it in time to avoid any inconveniences.
  4. Suspicious Email Address: When the email address linked to the PayPal account is under suspicion of illegal activity or any other issues, then PayPal may become suspicious of it. This means that the credit card associated with it will be blocked from transacting any business through PayPal until the issue is resolved. If you happen to be affected, contact PayPal as soon as possible and have the matter cleared.
  5. Human error PayPal issue: Some credit card problems with PayPal may not be because of a serious issue. Sometimes, may just be the confusion that can be attributed to the credit card owner. Example; when a credit card holder uses it to open two different PayPal accounts, which is common when account holders forget their passwords. In such cases, the credit card is rejected due to a link to another PayPal account.

Whatever the reason for PayPal to reject a credit card, the right way to deal with it is to contact PayPal and they will help to solve the situation at the soonest.

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