Will the PayPal-Facebook Integration Enhance Mobile eCommerce?

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Are you ready to order and pay for a burger using Facebook Messenger?

PayPal is collaborating with Facebook to enhance its mobile payment services. The online payment giant has recently announced that it will team up with Facebook. It will enable Facebook Messenger users that have Paypal accounts to pay for services or purchase a product.

So how does that work? For instance, a Facebook user can message Burger King’s Facebook page to order a burger. Burger King’s chatbots can take orders and will be able to process the delivery order via Facebook Messenger using PayPal’s payment service.

Paypal has also announced that the deal will make it more convenient for users to link their PayPal account to their Facebook pages. It will enable a seamless payment method for customer and merchant. PayPal will monitor transactions in order to send notifications to customers.

 Facebook Messenger Bolsters PayPal’s eCommerce Service

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Facebook recently implemented a “Buy Now” button on brand’s Facebook pages. It allows customers to purchase a product within the page. A number of restaurants such as Burger King have already been using Facebook’s chatbots for their delivery services.

PayPal’s payment services will have a big boost. Thanks to Facebook Messenger’s 1 billion users, Paypal has broadened its reach to various audiences. Facebook has been working with developers to improve its Messenger payment options. PayPal just enhances Facebook’s growing interest for the eCommerce aspect of the social network site.

“This is about allowing you to conduct commerce whenever you want to be doing it. As more and more of your life goes through the mobile environment, the idea of going to your desktop or laptop for commerce is going away,” says, ,” Anuji Nayar, PayPal’s Head of Global Initiatives.

Mobile eCommerce use is expected to cover over half of digital transactions next year. It’s not surprising since Paypal has around 168 million active customer accounts and about 15 million merchants using their services. It’s partnership with Facebook definitely bolsters its increasing mobile payment usage. Facebook has 1.57 billion monthly active users while around 30% of PayPal payments are initiated through mobile platforms.

Facebook-PayPal Integration Paves the Way for Social eCommerce

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PayPal and Facebook will test the services in United States for now. U.S. users will be able to check their PayPal transactions and payment documentation via Messenger. PayPal says that the U.S. rollout is the first step to check if they should make substantial improvements before launching to international markets.

Facebook make it seemed that it wants to develop its own eCommerce method. However, the addition of the Buy Now button is just a simple option for businesses to use. Facebook has previously teamed up with Paypal which enabled users to integrate Uber into Facebook Messenger.

The PayPal-Facebook integration will enhance social eCommerce. Business owners are using PayPal to sell products through Facebook Pages’ shop option and it’s even supported by Facebook’s Oculus. The integration is a mere joining of forces to bring a broad target audience in using both platforms.

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