Winners of pokies are the ones that inspire us too to grab some rewards. Winners stories are incredible and really full of joy.

Pokies winner

There are many winners stories to be retold and one such story to recall is of May 2013 when an anonymous punter won $943,971 at online casinos playing pokies.

Another lucky Aussie player walked out almost $350,000 richer after hitting the major jackpot at a local club in Coffs Harbour. It was a progressive pokie which started at $250,000 and some $100,000 later, one lucky local took home what many would consider a life changing money.

On April 17th, Stephen won a big Aussie pokies online with a jackpot of US$24, 560 when he was playing Burning Desire pokies. Lady luck strikes again the next day, when he played Burning Desire in an instant casino format, and he hit the jackpot again. This time, his real money pokies game offered him a jackpot of US$30,000. This was certainly a big double win and exciting news when it occurred. Another winner, Brodie M. hit a jackpot of $42, 787.47 on the very first day that he played at an online casino. He was playing Cash Splash, and he certainly made a splash with his Aussie pokies online win.

You can find many winners videos at you tube also where you can watch winners winning significant AUDs enjoying various features of pokies games grabbing the free spins, and hitting the wild symbols even in low stake pokies games.

Cashman casino wins

Even winning on free pokies is fantastic. There are so many social casinos and free pokies apps that offer virtual wins to play more pokies.

All such stories inspire you and motivate you to play pokies in real time. But you need to know your chances of winning pokies.

Play for free to practice: It is advised to first play free pokies and test them before you indulge in real money play.

Know the theoretical payback percentage: The longer a bettor plays, the closer his or her earnings will likely be to the theoretical number. Understanding your winning chances when you play these games requires an understanding of the terms ‘payback percentage’ and ‘hit frequency’, both of which relate to a player’s odds of earning cash from pokies. Most machines run with a payback percentage somewhere between 75 and 99 per cent.

Odds of winning: Present day so called modern pokies are difficult to predict their odds using math, since a lot of the numbers are theoretical and based on an infinite number of spins, time, and wagers.

RNG pokies: These pokies use a random number generator or “RNG.” The RNG generates a random value from billions of possible numerical combinations. These values determine where the reel “stops.” Pokies games and their RNGs generate these digits at a rate of around 300-500 every second. When you press the “spin” button on one of today’s games, it grabs a random series of values from the constant stream of them it produces. The first value determines the position of the first reel, the second value for the second reel, and it goes on and on.

When playing progressives bet max: Many of the online casinos, like Rich Casino or Fair Go casino, Emu Casino offer some of the biggest jackpots on the market, including the popular Mega Moolah and Cashalot pokies where you can win millions of dollars in real AUD.

There is no way to accurately predict exactly how much you’ll win or lose on a pokies machine therefore it is advised to stick to your bankroll. You need to stop playing after a certain fixed period of time whether you lose or wins. That’s why it is said not to chase your losses or wins.

Finally use bonuses offered by online casinos and be patient with your attitude when playing pokies. After all pokies are for entertainment and fun, winning or losing is a part of it.

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